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Ethical ResponsibilityUpdated 2 years ago

CJLA takes caring for and supporting our employees, manufacturers, and vendors, as upmost priority! 

Carly takes great care in choosing which manufacturers she purchases from. She strives to work with others that share the same values that CJLA represents and would never support a manufacturer that didn’t treat their employees respectfully.  She has personal relationships with the manufacturers and many are family owned businesses. 

On top of supporting the manufacturers and their families, you are also supporting 15 employees here at HQ, the dozens of workers at our warehouse, and many more of our partners we work closely with!  Your contribution may seem small, but, in reality, makes a huge positive impact on so many families.  

Many of our pieces are made, locally, right here in Los Angeles.  All of our pieces made outside of L.A. are produced by family owned businesses as well.  They are ethically made and offer a fair wage and healthy work environment for their employees.

We actually have a Made In USA tab on our website! Here, you can find all of our products that were proudly made in the United Staes.

CJLA is all about simplifying your closet.  Everything in our shop is meant to be used over and over again in a variety of ways to reduce your carbon footprint! 

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