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Returns & Exchanges

We get it. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. If you're looking to process a return, don't worry—we've made it easy!

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Shipping & Order FAQ

Free shipping on orders over $100 to the U.S. and Canada

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Need More Help?

We would love to chat with you! Reach out to us via live chat or email!

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Payment Methods & Gift Cards

We accept secure payments via American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

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Capsule Guide

Here at CJLA, we're all about capsule wardrobes!

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Our rewards program CLUB CJLA is a tiered program that allows members to earn more perks the more they engage with us. Members can earn discounts, access to sales, exclusive launches, event invites and more!

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Ethical Responsibly and Sustainable Fashion

Ethical treatment and sustainable fashion is so important to CJLA! Carly takes great care in choosing which manufacturers she purchases from. She strives to work with others that share the same values that CJLA represents and would never support

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Discount Codes & Price Adjustments

Every so often CJLA offers discount codes for sales and promotions. These should be entered at checkout. You are only able to use ONE promotional code per order. Promotional codes are only available for a limited time.

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Caring for Your Pieces

How do I wash my CJLA pieces? To best care for your clothing, we recommend our garments be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

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The Piece I Want Sold Out!

Get notified when a piece comes back in stock!

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Social Media + Collab

Stay up to date with us on Social Media!

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