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Gift Cards & Store CreditUpdated 15 days ago

CJLA E-Gift Cards

  • E-Gift cards are delivered immediately via email upon completion of your purchase.  
  • E-Gift cards do not expire.

How to use CJLA E-Gift Cards (or Store Credit):

1. Click "Check Out"

2. On the right side on the check out page you will see a box that says "Gift card or discount code".  Enter your 16-digit code here. In the CJLA App, this will be at the top of the page in the cart, before you head to checkout!

3. Click "Apply"

4. Your subtotal will be adjusted accordingly.  

Things to Note:

  • If you have a remaining balance on your gift card please keep your original email containing the 16-digit code.  You can use the remaining amount toward future purchases.
  • To use a discount code with your E-gift card, first type in your 16-digit E-Gift card code and click "Apply".  Then type in the discount code and hit "Apply".
  • You cannot use a gift card to purchase another Gift Card.

Store Credit

  • Store credit from returns will be sent to your email after you drop your return off at UPS (if you follow the return process in the portal that can be found under "Returns"). Our system is automated so this will happen automatically and quickly.
  • The store credit will be in the form of a gift card and does not expire
  • You can apply your store credit to any order using the same process as shown above under "E-Gift Cards"
  • If you did not receive your store credit automatically after going through
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