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Discount Code PolicyUpdated 4 months ago

Every so often CJLA offers discount codes for sales and promotions.  These should be entered at checkout.  You are only able to use ONE promotional code per order.  Promotional codes are only available for a limited time.  

Discount Code Information:

  • Discount codes cannot be combined.
  • Rewards codes cannot be combined with discount codes.
  • Discount codes (not rewards codes) cannot be used on Tent Sale/Clearance items unless otherwise stated.
  • Rewards codes CAN be used on Tent Sale/Clearance items and Weekly/Daily Deals if the minimum subtotal amount is met. 
  • To apply a discount code to your order:
    1. Click "Check Out"
    2. On the right side of the check out page you will see a box that says "Gift card or discount code".  Enter the code here.
    3. Click "Apply"
    4. Your subtotal will be adjusted accordingly.  Discounts do not apply to shipping or tax unless specified in promotion.
  • To use a discount code with your E-gift card, first type in the discount code and hit "Apply".  Then type in your 16-digit E-Gift card code and click "Apply".
  • Gift-cards and discount codes can be combined on the website. Our CJLA APP is not programmed to accept both so we recommend using the website!
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