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How to Use Your Rewards PointsUpdated 10 months ago

  • To log-in, you will click the crown icon on the bottom left hand part of the screen!  Once you've signed in, you will want to click the crown icon again, to view your points! 
  • When you're ready to redeem your points, you'll be given a special rewards points code to be entered at checkout.  This code will not expire but may only be used one time.
  • If you "redeem points" but decide to hold off on using the points and do not enter the code at checkout, your points are NOT gone!  Just hang onto the code until you are ready to use on a later purchase.
  • Since only one code can be applied per order, rewards point codes and other promo codes cannot be combined.
  • Rewards points are issued back manually for returned items.  

Rewards points breakdown

600 points= $6 OFF Code

1000 points= $10 OFF Code

2000 points = $20 OFF Code

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